This website is a labor of love, created out of the #100DaysofNoCode email challenge. The no code email tasks were intended to take ~30 minutes daily. The 💯 Day 6: Build a Resource Directory assignment took me more than 30 minutes to even figure out what information I wanted to organize. I love organizing information and there is so much out there to organize.

As a career changer, I have personally completed the Generation Digital Marketing Analyst program, as well as a number of the digital marketing certifications in this directory (Meta, Google, Twitter, Semrush, and LinkedIn Learning). With so many people looking to upskill and change careers, I thought that organizing program information the way that I would want to filter/search for it would be beneficial to job seekers and career changers.

My personal career change experience also led me to become more active on LinkedIn and get really good at LinkedIn optimization. Optimizing my own LinkedIn profile and creating content was how I landed a full-time role as a career changer. I am now performing LinkedIn optimizations and coaching as a side hustle in the off hours of my full-time digital marketing role.

Suffice it to say I am now behind on the 100 Days of No Code challenge since I've dedicated time to building this website and researching upskill programs. I worked on this project at night while on vacation in Cancun after very full days in the pool, on excursions, at the spa, and while indulging in the all-inclusive life. I think I'm supposed to be on Day 14 by now. ;p Sorry, Max (founder of #100DaysofNoCode)!

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